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September 2023

Our amazing Workplace Coach, Lily-Jo recommends her plan as we enter the Autumn.

As the seasons change and we approach autumn, here are my top tips on how to maintain good mental health using my 


Preparing for Autumn

AUTUMN acronym.

Kanso partners with Hilton supply management

August 2023

We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Hilton Supply Management in the UK, offering our full scope of services to over 200 hotels across the UK who are signed up to the world’s leading hospitality procurement, logistics and end to end supply chain provider.    


Innovation, automation, efficiency savings and robotics – the facts …

July 2023

There can be no doubt, that as Technology advances, we are already and will continue to see, more and more tasks, that were previously performed by human beings, taken over by machines. Automation is an unavoidable and ever-visible part of our daily lives and cannot be ignored. Cleaning is no exception. As the adoption of smarter technologies is further refined, it begs the question: Will machines eventually replace human cleaners? We believe, not entirely, and not anytime soon.  For example, robots may struggle to clean small or tight spaces, such as bathrooms, or handle delicate or complex surfaces, such as carpets or upholstery.


Kanso ambitions for ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 accreditation

June 2023

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification establishes credibility and trust among consumers, clients and other business partners. In today's international marketplace, such a designation validates that an organization adheres to global standards of quality assurance, manufacturing and business.


Kanso is committed to continuous service improvement and to excelling and exceeding client and employee expectations & satisfaction. 


People are at the heart of our business

May 2023


Hospitality is facing its worst staffing crisis in years, with 94% of businesses struggling to recruit. Research shows, only one in five workers has considered the industry for a job, but the sector can serve up tasty careers and a fast-track to the top. It has never been more important to have a clear and structured plan, not only to recruit, but also to retain talent, as the competition has never been tougher.

Proud to be among 12,000 employers in the UK paying the real living wage

April 2023

The Government implemented a minimum wage as late as the end of the 20th century - merely 25 years ago - but the hourly amount was not calculated to ensure it met the real cost of living. Despite being rebranded as the ‘National Living Wage’, that fact still stands. In contrast, the real Living Wage, campaigned for by the Living Wage Foundation, is independently calculated to meet everyday needs. 


EcoVadis Sustainability Recognition

March 2023

We have some very exciting news…….


Kanso Facilities Management is absolutely delighted to announce, that we have been awarded an EcoVadis sustainability recognition Silver Medal and Certificate!


This accreditation acknowledges the conscious and meaningful efforts that everyone on the team at Kanso, within the company as a whole, have taken to reduce waste and create a more sustainable world.   

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