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Kanso Facilities Management (The Company) is committed to ensuring that its operations comply with the existing legislation of the countries in which it operates. 

• The Company aims to prevent, minimise or render harmless the effect of the process operations, activities and products on the environment. It will operate its facilities in a way which protects its employees, the public and the environment. 

• The Company will strive to use products which have the minimum environmental impacts during use and subsequent disposal. 

• Management is aware both of its duty of care as far as current legislation is concerned and also of its long-term duty towards the planet and future generations. 

• The Company supports actions, such as the Montreal Protocol, the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto enterprise to prevent or minimise activities which may affect global temperatures, lead to depletion of the ozone layer, produce acid rain or otherwise disrupt and exhaust the Earth's life support systems. 

• The Company will maintain a structure and management style to enable it to act in a swift, responsible manner when changes are required by Government departments, trade associations, customers' demands or in-Company committees regarding environmental matters. 

• The Company will manage its use of primary energy sources in such a manner as to ensure efficient utilisation in all departments. 

• Systems have been adopted to minimise waste and to adequately control onsite consolidation and waste disposal activities. 

• The Company controls its water usage. 

• The Company's quality assurance procedures will be used to assess its suppliers' probity regarding environmental matters as and when required. 

• The Company will select for use, biodegradable packaging and renewable (recyclable) resources where possible. 

• The Company undertakes to consider any reasonable comments from and provide information to site neighbours, regarding its activities. 

• Resources will be allocated in order to implement this policy. 

• The Company undertakes to train and educate its workforce in the relevant aspects of environmental best practices. 

• The Company will seek expert guidance from other parties where in-house resources are considered inadequate. 

• The Company will ensure its compliance with current legislation requirements. 

• Membership of trade associations and other means of access to notifications regarding change, ensures that the Company adapts to technical progress in pest control techniques and environmental matters. 

• The Company aims to improve its performance in controlling environmental effects on a continuing basis. 



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