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Unsung hero & employee of the year 

January 2024

It’s the mark of a true partnership when our clients recognise the tireless commitment and contributions made by our dedicated, hardworking team members, assigned to work in their hotels or premises.  


Voco Reading is a shining example of this strength of partnership, as 2 of our housekeeping team members were singled out as recipients of top awards at their recent Team Member Appreciation event.  



Godere & Genieten

Dominating the list, 4 of the winners were Kanso Team members, with the 2 most coveted awards going to Tim Tim, Employee of the Year, and Gangan, Unsung Hero, whilst Stephanie and Fabian were both recognised for their performance throughout 2023. 


Kanso are immensely proud of all 4 housekeeping team members, and Managing Director, Norma Bresciani, has confirmed that Kanso will contribute to additional costs incurred by Tim Tim and Gangan, whose prizes were for a 2 night stay, including breakfast, at Voco Milan and Voco The Hague, respectively.  


We wish Tim Tim and Gangan a very well-deserved break in these 2 magical European cities.  


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